Monday, October 3, 2011

Last week with Elder Lembrazi...

Sorry about the email last week. It messed up. haha looks like I won't be attaching pictures again. freak! But it sounds like this week was a good one! Alex is rocking it in XC (Cross Country)!! Crazy stuff. haha sounds like he is just beating me at everything I do. haha sounds like you already sent a package. Dang it! haha sucks that my email didn't send like week. haha oh well.

Well about this week! This week was nuts. So let me start with exchanges. haha I had my first exchange in my area with the LZ (Zone Leader). haha that was pretty great. We kinda got lost. One of the appointments was hilarious. We had an appointment with a singer. So we shared a little message with her and what not, we checked in with her to see how she was doing and after, she was like. I'm going to sing to you guys. The other Elder was also American. So anyways, she changed and sang Shannia Twain. hahaha oh I tried so hard not to laugh. idk which song it was, but it was a romantic song. And she was looking at me the entire time. Pretty much singing it to me. haha so funny because her accent was hilarious. She can sing really good, well the notes anyways. After we shook and and what not. She shook my hand with... emotion? haha someone asked if there are any animals here. haha yes. Snakes. This is what we could call a snake. hahaha so funny and creepy!!! I though you guys would like that story.

And well General Conference. haha yes it was in Portuguese. I could understand the main points, but its just not the same in Portuguese. haha and well. We watched all the secessions for the most part. In the last session, it was pouring down rain. and well... the power went out in the last session, right when President Monson. So then we went outside, and well went to a members house for FHE(Family Home Evening) in another area with the district. The walk was LONG! And it was pouring rain. haha one of the Americans was like, man its raining so hard, I missed President Monson speak, and I'm soaking wet. haha I told him. You are getting extra bonus points. Your wife is going to be SO hot since were missing conference and are walking in the rain. haha it was pretty funny, we were all busting up.

Now for the drama in Itapecerica. Well...last night, my companion got a call for transfers. Looks like I will have a new companion tomorrow. Elder Lembrazi was supposed to stay for another 6 weeks. But looks like the Mission President wanted to change things. haha idk who the new companion is. But I've heard he is awesome and was the LZ(Zone Leader) for almost a year. He is American, kinda a bummer, because I've been picking up on the Portuguese better with a Brazilian. But that's ok :) Ill let you guys know next week what goes down. haha I'm kinda sad Elder Lembrazi, meu pai is leaving. Freak, and I still don't know the area. haha so it shall be interesting. haha

Oh I forgot. Another funny story, we were eating at a members house and she was like...look out the window in the jungle. I looked. And there was this guy running wicked fast. haha I was like. "whats going on?" She goes, a drug deal. They walk into the jungle and always run out. hahah I watched even longer. haha so many people were walking in and running out. haha it was pretty funny, because I guess there are a lot of helicopters in the area that watch it. Pretty crazy out here. I thought I would put some good stories. I did a pretty spiritual letter last week. and well that's sent this week. haha I thought I would give it some balance.
To answer some questions from some letters I've gotten. Yes I hear American music all the time! It's nuts. haha a lot of people love to talk about music and what not with me. haha its funny because they pronounce them way different. And about the money. haha my companion isn't very good with money. I manage my money well. I make sure we have money to get around on the onibus. haha that's what we spend most of our money on if that's what you guys were wondering. No worries. I'm being well fed! I'm not hungry. I eat a lot of bread, beans and rice, and well desserts. haha we are well fed here. so no worries. My place is tiny! its right by the chapel. Ill try to print off some pictures. We walk a fair bit in our area. We have a ton of hills. It's nuts! They are so steep! Its kinda dangerous here if your not careful. haha no worries, I am careful. Last week the sisters got robbed. crazy! they are okay. no worries. haha I'm sure you just wanted to hear that mom. Well... I'm trying to think of questions I've gotten. That' all what I can think of for now.

But, I love the work here. I can believe the time is just flying. haha its October!! I thought it was still September. freak! Seriously, I am learning so much from the mission. Its the hardest thing I have ever done. But oh its the most rewarding! There is a lot of work, but there is a lot of fun too! The way it works is you work hard and you play hard. Because if you don't work hard, you just think... freak what can i do better. Holy cow. You truly see miracles happen everyday! I love it, and I love seeing the difference people make in their lives. There is a lot of disappointment here. But the moments when someone accepts counters those disappointing moments with the language and investigators. The mission is a test of faith I feel. I grow and others grow too, based on my faith. its amazing! Anyways, I love you all and I love getting your letters. Tomorrow is gonna be crazy with the transfer. Love ya all!!! The work is progressing here in Brazil!

Com amor,

Elder Firl

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