Monday, October 17, 2011

A hard but amazing week...

Oh man it sounds like it has been a crazy week! Tell Alex congrats for me! That's awesome that he got his Eagle! As for the other pictures to send, there really isn't much I can do, sorry. Until I get transferred to another area I'm pretty much stuck with the snail mail and printing off pictures, but that gets pretty expensive.

Wait Josh Evans got married? And to Melissa who? haha details! Yes tell Syd to write me! I would love to hear from her :) As for Mr. Lapps class, there really isn't anything you can do. Maybe talk to him or something. haha I have no clue. He is old and doesn't ever mark things right. That's why a lot of people took weights with Mr. Cooke.

As for the higenico (hygiene) stuff, I'm pretty good on everything actually. I'm good on razor blades! The hair cuts we have to find someone to cut our hair. haha I actually need to get one next week, same with my companion. And yes, you can get jerseys cheaper here. But they are still pretty spendy for a missionary. haha I plan on getting a couple more jersey before I leave and some other stuff. But that's a ways to go. I'll see if I can get a jersey for Alex or something. But no, I'm not getting anything Argentina here. haha I would prefer to live.

As for this week though. This week has been SO hard. All of our appointments fell through, which totally sucked! We made A B C and D for everything and they all fell. Which was really weird because it rained all week. So when it rains, pretty much everyone stays inside. So it was really weird. Haha and because of the rain, I couldn't wash my laundry, which totally sucks. haha so I got to wear dirty clothes all week! haha hurray. We walked a lot in the rain, like our clothes were soaked! haha but this is not all. This week was crazy! It's a week I will never forget. We have worked our butts off.

So this week, we were knocking doors. And we came across this older couple. They let us in. It was Pedro and his wife. They are probably in their 80´s. So she answered the door, Pedro was inside with a blanket wrapped around him in his chair. He has a lot of health problems. So anyways, after sharing a message Pedro wanted to get up. His loving wife helped him up. And well the funniest yet grossest thing happened. haha so anyways, the blanket came off of Pedro, he was wearing a shirt, but he had no pants. I mean... he was butt naked. He was right in front of us, like maybe 3 feet. haha so my companion and I saw this 80 year old with barebum. haha and the wife just laughed and said, basically, oh shoot, I forgot he didn't have pants. Sorry guys! haha They went to the other room. And holy crap my comp and I were busting up. Like... did that really just happen? We just saw a 80 year old naked, and saw everything. I was trying so hard to not burst out laughing. She didn't hear a thing. My face was so red! And when she came back we got our cool back. haha Like I said, the funniest thing ever. One, it was a really hard day and pouring rain and two, we were not expecting that. because we thought he had clothes, because he was wearing a shirt. oh so funny.

As with Tenato and Sandra, things are good. They are really hard to get a hold of right now. Renato didn't come to church, but it's all good. He has the biggest desire to learn and find if the church is true. Luciano is good too! he canceled yesterday, which sucked. But we rescheduled him this week. We also invited 2 others for baptism in November, Victoria and Valeria. A mom and her daughter, they will be in November. And then we have Rosangela and her family. We have 10 people scheduled for baptism. What a miracle!!! Because that was our goal. I couldn't believe it. We have been SO blessed! We're doing all we can do and the Lord is doing the rest. Its been so hard to find people here.

So many more miracle happened this week too. In our ward we had an American visit. She is having issues with family down here, with her son. Anyways, long story short, she flew all the way out here. Not knowing the language, trying to help her son and his wife. Her son won't help with the language. And well she knew she needed to come down and figure things out. And she knew everything would work out somehow with the language. So she comes to the ward. And sure enough, two American Missionaries, me and my companion. And two Americans being together never happens. So anyways, she talked to us and told her the story. Elder Schmutz and I translated the whole interview with the Bishop because of the language barrier she has. Elder Schmutz translated since he knows the language better and I'm still learning haha. But, what a miracle. That we were there, to help her with the language and translate. Her story is sad. Very sad! Anyways, we are going to try visiting her son and get him reactivated, yes, speaking English. Anyways, it's a really long story and hard to explain, but it was amazing. It's amazing to see the Lords hand. That we are prepared to be in this area at this time, and her faith is amazing, to come all the way down without knowing anything. Truly amazing!

This week I just reflected about family. Between the love that Pedro´s wife has for Pedro and helping this mom helping her son. So glad I'm born into an awesome family. And I just reflected what I want my family to be like in the future. It's amazing to have the opportunity to see so many families and people and well, it kinda rubs off of ya. It's hard to explain. I'm sure dad knows what I'm talking about.

But holy cow, its truly been an amazing week! Hard, but it went by so fast. I can't believe I've been out here for 4 months almost. The time is going by so fast. I still feel SO new. crazy!!! It's been so busy! Oh tell Ma that I got her letter! I absolutely loved it :)

Well, my time is running out! we are going to go downtown, since Elder Schmutz is leaving soon, he wants to get some Italian suits for cheap out here and get some stuff before he leaves. haha plus we have to do laundry. By the way is the z coming along?

With much love

Elder Firl!

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