Monday, October 24, 2011

A busy but a disappointing week...

Oh it sounds like it has been a great week!!! Sounds like the ward has been thinking about me :) I have been super busy out here. Let me tell ya! I can't believe were half way done with this transfer! It has passed by so fast. It has been crazy busy!

Well as for this week. Holy cow it was tough and really disappointing. With over 10 people set for baptism we have been busy. Trying to teach them and get a hold of them. Ugh and well lets just say that they are impossible to get a hold of!!! And well, its really frustrating getting lied to. haha We talked with Rosangela and her family, they promised to go to church. And well... they didn't. We told them we would stop by, we called them to remind them, and what not. haha ugh I feel like we have done everything to try and help them. Ugh. And well Renato is the same story. He showed up for 5 min of church and left. UGH! And well many others didn't come either. So we have been having some issues with getting investigators at church!

And as for Sandra and Mayara. They keep pushing back their baptism date. We keep mentioning it, and asking why that date. And give some good scriptures about how when they FELT these things were true they were baptized right then. UGH! We have for sure learned the lesson that people have their free agency. haha And we are learning to be more direct and disappointed when our investigators do not fulfill our... idk the word in English, but its compromissos in Portuguese. Maybe (assignments idk). Anyways, its been a super tough week.

Likewise, this week we had a lot of meetings. haha Oh and I hate meetings. I just want to get out and work, but we have a meeting for the newbies. Of course I'm still new, but this is the last one I had to go to, but anyways, I got to see my buddies from the CTM (Center for Training of Missionaries) there. haha I got to see how their Portuguese is and what not. And well, I have for sure been SO blessed. We had interviews with the president and what not. And he said, I will probably be training next transfer. I was like... uh.... I'm still having issues understanding the people here and idk everything yet. President Pinho said that I can speak and I can explain. He hasn't seen anyone progress this fast. So I felt pretty cool. haha It's a lot easier to talk and explain my thoughts, than listen. hehe I guess I've always had issues with listening :P haha but anyways I thought that was interesting. I hope I don't have to train yet because I still don't know how to be effective. haha oh well, I guess I'll find out here in 3 weeks if I will train.

Tell Ma Wood that I'm going to send a letter today! We have zone activity today, so idk how long it will be. haha I'm terrible at this writing thing. haha but I promise one is on the way :)

Anyways, it was a tough week this week, with all of our investigators and our numbers being really low. The week went by so fast and it felt like we had no time. But this week will be better. I love the work out here and what I'm doing here. Nothing can replace the joys of people making changes in their live. But it hurts when the people do not progress and what not. It hurts a lot. Sad week this week, but still super awesome.

So here are my answers to your questions. haha

1. Why couldn’t you wash your clothes when it rained? Do you hang your clothes to dry and is it just too humid that they wouldn’t dry?

Well about the clothes. I can't do laundry when it rains because I have to hang dry everything out. And well because of the pollution it will make my clothes dirty. So I have to choose which clothes I want dry for the next day. So its always garmets. I put them out and use 2 fans to dry them. And well then I wear a dirty shirt and pants. haha let me tell ya, they started to smell pretty bad. haha I didn't get the chance to rotate clothes this week. haha

2. Anything more on the Wellington’s getting married?
Well wellington is planning on getting married in Feb. So that's a ways away. haha yeah we taught the kids everything.

3. Are you and Elder Schmutz helping the American with her son this week? What is her name? Holy cow that was an interesting story with the American. Yes, we went over and had dinner at his place. We talked English with him and his family. That was kinda weird sharing a message in English. But yeah, the goal was to make him homesick and so him and his family would go to the states visit and have a better influence there. Because the school where he is teaching hasn't been a good environment for him. So anyways, we talked about home. And well I was blessed having a really good connection with him. Talking about Washington and the Seattle area, and all the good times he had there and the times he would have if he goes with his family to the states. It was cool! The best part was that I didn't even get trunky, (aka home sick), so that was awesome!!! And well I was blessed even more with Ma Wood´s package. I got it that day and well I had to carry the package with me since we were running late. I got the feeling to open the package there. Sure enough, candy and all these American things! He was like holy crap! Play dough and all these other things he loved. Such a blessing to get the package THAT day and that we were running late, so I had to bring the package and opened in there. haha Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways I've found. Thank you so much Ma! Such a blessing to get that package right then. You have no idea. I couldn't believe it!

4. When does Elder Schmutz leave for home? Before or after Christmas?Well Elder Schmutz leaves in 3 weeks. haha So he is gonna go to the Philippines for 6 weeks with his parents and then return back to Utah for school. haha So he is gonna get home after Christmas, but technically his mission ends in 3 weeks, so before. If that makes sense.

5. We need to start thinking about Christmas and the phone call…ask Elder Schmutz what is the best to do. Do we need to find you an international calling card or can you Skype that day at a members home?
I'll talk to Elder Schmutz about what I need to do. But I'm pretty sure it's just a phone. haha ok? I'll let you guys know.

6. Still planning on Victoria and Valeria for baptism in Nov.?
Valeria and Victoria are still planning for a baptism but things are getting way hectic with her schedule, so its been hard to get lessons in and talk to her. But they are progressing and are searching for an answer. We have found they feel good which reading. So they have received and answer. Now time for the hard part, to help them recognize they have received an answer.

7. Do Brazilians celebrate Halloween?
I think they celebrate Halloween, but idk. I haven't asked. haha I'm not too worried about that.

8. Is the weather getting warmer?
Yes the weather is getting warmer. But I have found the weather is the same here as it is in Washington. less cloudiness, but its really the same. Its pretty warm, and some days its too hot.

9. Did you get my package yet??
Package, no. I got Ma´s package! :) I'll check next week if I got yours, but as of last week, no.

10. Did Elder Schmutz get some Italian suits?
And yes, Elder Schmutz got a pretty sweet suit there! It was about 200 reais, but if you calculate it, it was about $120 dollars for an Italian suit with a tie. So it's a pretty good deal. haha I'll probably get some clothes there. haha its pretty sick there.

Anyways, I gotta head out!

Com amor,

Elder Firl

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