Monday, October 10, 2011

"Worked our butts off like no other..."

Holy smokes Alex must of been really sick! Hopefully he gets better soon. No worries, I had several bad races. Tell Alex not to sweat it. haha

I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU GOT AN I PHONE!!!!!! Ugh, I'm so jealous. haha not really. It's all good. I absolutely love it here :) The food is like heaven, let me tell ya. The people are friendly and I just love the culture. It totally beats the phone withdrawals. haha I call dibs on the iphone when I get home :)

Yes, the computer I use at times has a usb port. The only problem it that it's broken. You have to hold it just in the right place and I tried that last time, and well that just messed up my email. Were not allowed to use those websites and programs, only myldsmail and those websites. haha entendeu?

Well I don't really see any animals walking in the street. It's kind of a city. And when we walk into the jungle we don't see any animals, just fireflies. haha sorry to disappoint.

Well I'm sure you are just dying to know who my companion is. Well his name is Elder Schmutz. haha and yes he is American. But let me tell ya, he is the man! I have been blessed with good companions. Elder Schmutz and I have been working so hard. He is from Orem, Utah, and his parents are serving as Mission Presidents in the Philippines. Cool right? lets see... Well he only has 5 weeks left now until he goes home. Crazy! haha and the best part is that he is not trunky, meaning, he doesn't think about going home. He is a really hard worker and obeys with exactness.

And well because of our exactness, we have been blessed like no other. I was really scared because I didn't know the area and well we didn't have a ton of people to teach. Ah but let me tell ya. We have worked our butts off like no other. We have found new people to teach. We found a familia do Luciano, we found Renato, and well we found the familia da rosangela. And well, that one was a miracle. Let me tell why.

While we were planning, Elder Schmutz goes, so my goal is to get 10 people invited for baptism. I was like... are you freakin crazy. We only have 1 right now. So I kinda doubted that we would be able to reach our goal. We have prayed like crazy to find elects (people who are prepared to make a change and want to be baptized). We found Renato and the familia do Luciano (him, his wife, and is baby). But we knew on Saturday, when we started our fast, that we need to find a family and it's gonna take a miracle. We have never had 10 people invited for baptism at one time. It's so hard to get people, it's not a huge baptizing mission. Anyways, we fasted. And well, we were guided to this area that I have never seen. At the top of this giant set of stairs. It's way hidden. anyways, knocked doors there and what not. Anyways, at one door all these kids came to the door, we said we would stop by later when their parents were around. Stopped by later that day, we were joking around that we would invite that whole family before with all those kids. Anyways, came back and taught the first lesson. Holy cow, she was crying as I was bearing testimony. And after we paused. Elder Schmutz asked, how do you feel right now? She said it was an incredible feeling. Nothing like she has felt at any other church or place. We explained that was the spirit and she could always have this feeling or have it more often. We invited her, and her 4 children for baptism, November 5. Holy cow, we walked out and were amazed. Like... did that just really happen. Clearly, a miracle. I can't describe the happiness I felt after that lesson.

With struggles with the language, this is what makes the mission so amazing. When you know you are being watched over and are making a difference. No other thing can replace it... for now. so amazing! So far this is the highlight of the mission. Braden Blackford, get ready for the best mission out there and for the best 2 years, or anyone that's preparing to leave or thinking about going. It's the hardest thing ever, but the best. It's hard to explain.

Anyways, the Wellington family is good. We're going to try and get them to talk about marriage this week and try and also invite them. Because they are ready, haha they are just stalling on the marriage. She wants to get married right now, Mr. Wellington... not so much. haha

As for Sandra, well... she drank this week. that was a heart breaker. But! We got her daughter invited and ready for baptism! Also in November, the week after Rosangela and her family. We have been teaching Mayara for awhile. So that was awesome! She is still a little shaky, but we will help her along the way :) She is ready, she just needs to take that leap of faith.

As you can tell, its been a crazy week! I think my Portuguese is not increasing as fast. hahaa Elder Schmutz and I speak a little English in the casa(apartment or home). It's all good though, I'm learning to be patient with this language thing. I'm learning slowly, but I'm learning, its a lot harder than I thought, but what keeps me going is that, what I do know is making a difference. The spirit converts, not what you say. for sure!

Well, this week we are going to the temple. So today we are only allowed to email and then it's a normal day. I'm so excited to go. The whole session with be in Portuguese. haha that's gonna be tough. I'll probably understand a third of it, but its all good! I'm still excited :)

Anyways, I hope all is well!!! Tell Ma Wood I'll try to send her a letter this week. These past couple weeks have been NUTS!!! With transfers and well, this week working our butts off, its been nuts. I love you all and hope things are going well in the states! Things are well here :)

Oh, thanks for the updates with Elder Vaughan. I love them! haha crazy to think he has been out for 10 months and that I'm coming on 4. haha I still feel freaking new! That's probably because of the language and not being able to understand. haha its all good though. The time passes so quick the harder you work. Anyways, love you guys and I cant wait to hear from you next week!

Com amor, de todo de meu coração

Elder Firl

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